If there’s anything that’s fun to do to pass the time as an adult, its looking at expensive homes online and critiquing them. It’s even better when these homes are custom made, and you can take a peek into how someone lives. And the best part about it is there’s always news stuff online to look at in so many different countries, including houses such as custom designed homes in Perth from zircon living and shows such as Grand Designs. So, let’s explore some of the common features in these luxury homes.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are a common feature in expensive homes. The wealthier you are, the bigger and better the swimming pool you can afford. Swimming pools are a luxury, with many in the UK just buying blow up pools for the back garden during summer, as we often don’t have the right weather all year round to keep it outside. However, for these new homes, the swimming pools are built into the ground outside, or sometimes even inside the property itself, like owning your own swimming baths! And these pools aren’t just plain pools either, most are heated, self-cleaning, or come with special features like slides or waterfalls, and even a jacuzzi on the side too. They have it all.

Games Room

There are a lot of people who dream of having their own games room where they can take their friends to hang out and spend time together, though the closest most of us will get to that is online gaming and having somewhere to put our computer or console. But for some, that dream is a reality, and they have a games room which can include consoles, pc, snooker tables, even slot machines if they’re feeling generous. These rooms can be massive to fit all of this in, or sometimes there can be more than one to accommodate all the owner’s choice of games. Custom house builds can mean that these rooms already come with all their items fitted in for them, or the perfect home designed for each, so you’ll never have to worry about whether you can fit your snooker table and air hockey in the same room.

Home Cinema

Another luxury feature of new homes are cinema rooms. Cinemas are an expensive treat for most people, but they’re somewhere enjoyable to go to watch the latest hits. Home cinemas are even more expensive, however. New homes can have massive in-built wide screen TV and surround sound speakers. These rooms are also laid out similar to an actual cinema, with the floor sloping down towards the screen, but the chairs are usually much bigger and comfier, and spaced out so you can enjoy your own space whilst being able to spend time with others. Some even come with chairs large enough to fit two people in, so you can cuddle up with your partner whilst you watch your favourite film.

There are many other luxury features that homes can include, but these ones are the most popular. Luxury features are becoming more common in homes, especially as people are spending more time at home, and want to make it the cosiest that they can for themselves and their families. And with companies recognising this and building these features into their new homes, there’s a chance that one day we’ll be able to buy or rent a home with these added features in, and enjoy our own little luxury in the comfort of our own home.